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"I've been doing yoga and circuit training with Anne for the last few years and she is AMAZING!! She's responsive, thorough, and so much fun to train with."

-- Sherry Larkins

"Always a great workout with an amazing group of women!!! Anne Torres is an amazing coach/trainer."

-- Kimberlea Archer

"Dedicated coach that wants the best for you in a safe environment!!"

-- Leonor Rodriguez

"Anne is an absolute fabulous coach, and I love the workouts with a great group of women."

-- Ariana Marcoulier

"I highly recommend."

-- Vanessa Pocock

"I wanted to recommend my amazing personal trainer. I have had a back injury, and I always feel so much better after doing a workout with her. She can focus on whatever goal you have. This is a very personalized, affordable, COVID-safe way to work out, and Anne has done this for a long time. She is amazing!"

-- Dina Mayzlin

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