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Passionate About Fitness, Nutrition and Helping Others

Anne is an NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Functional Aging Specialist, a Yoga Alliance-Certified Yoga Teacher and a PN1-Certified Nutrition Coach, who is passionate about health and fitness. 

Her love affair with all things health and fitness started her freshman year in college when she gained the “Freshman 15”. Determined to get the weight off, she took a health class and started running daily.  She also changed her eating habits, favoring healthier, lower-calorie options and less late-night pizza.

After college, she continued running daily and eventually became a marathon runner. It was then that proper nutrition became even more important to her. She read everything she could get her hands on about the subject and learned to put what she was learning into practice – often experimenting with different approaches until she found what worked best for her body. 

But it wasn’t long before she encountered the battle of the bulge again following the births of her two girls. With each pregnancy, she gained 40 pounds. Again, she got the weight off by eating healthy and exercising regularly. It took time and she learned there are no “quick fixes.”  But by consistently following healthy nutrition fundamentals, she reached her pre-pregnancy goal weight.  

It was after the birth of her kids, that she also discovered the importance of having yoga and mindfulness practice in her life to keep her sanity.

No longer running marathons, Anne still runs about three days a week.  She also strength trains, walks regularly, and practices yoga.  Exercise and proper nutrition are priorities in her life and keep her operating at her highest level.

Anne has been working professionally as a Certified Personal Trainer for nearly 10 years now and has been teaching weekly yoga classes, as a Certified Yoga Teacher. She recently became certified as a Functional Aging Specialist, as she is getting older realizes the importance of optimizing function so that she can continue to do all the things she wants to do in her life and help others do the same. Because nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, she also became a PN1-Certifed Nutrition Coach. 

When she’s not working, Anne enjoys spending time with family and friends. Staying active by hiking, biking and stand-up paddle-boarding are some of her favorite things to do, as well as just spending time in nature.


  • NASM-Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Functional Aging Specialist

  • PN1-Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Yoga Alliance-Certified Yoga Teacher

  • TRX-Certified

  • FMS-Certified

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