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In-Person and Online Coaching


Anne is NASM-Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Functional Aging Specialist and she helps women, mostly over age 50-75, move well, get stronger and function optimally in their daily lives. She performs thorough assessments that include assessing balance, gait, gait speed, mobility, strength, flexibility and agility, along with a detailed health history, exercise history, and injury history.  Based on the assessment and a discussion with her clients about their goals, she writes customized workouts that are safe and effective, while addressing areas of weakness. Workouts include a mix of balance, agility, mobility, strength and flexibility.   If needed, she also helps clients with fall prevention and gait training.

If the goal is weight loss or to eat healthier, as a PN1-Certified Nutrition Coach, Anne offers nutritional advice, in addition to the workouts. She helps clients develop healthy eating habits that are sustainable for the long term. And, she helps with meal planning and troubleshooting obstacles when life gets busy. She uses a behavior-based model that emphasizes skill-building, daily practice, and a progressive series of actions to achieve the desired goal.

Anne is also a Yoga-Alliance-Certified Yoga Teacher and incorporates her knowledge of yoga into workouts as needed. She also teaches classes.

One of the things Anne tries to instill in her clients is the importance of adopting a growth mindset -the belief that with effort and persistent consistency, one can get better at whatever it is they would like to achieve. “The more often you work on things, the better you’ll get. You gotta keep showing up!,” she says.   Coupled with that, she helps them understand that changing one’s body, habits and lifestyle take time! It’s important to commit for the long-haul.  As much as our society would like you believe otherwise, there are no quick fixes!

If this resonates with you and you’d like to get started, send Anne an email or a text message at 310-408-6962.

How I Can Help You

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